Our Mission

EDT Offshore is in business for a purpose: to make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change through the widespread adoption of solar power.

Renewable Energy is of critical importance in delivering a low and then zero carbon world and doing so cost effectively.

The world’s leading investors and analysts all agree that “subsidy-free” solar is already here in multiple markets.

As solar prices continue to fall, production capacity increases and the industry continues to innovate, that trend will accelerate. Solar is quick to deploy and it’s scalable; it is already playing a leading role in the transition to renewable, safe power, and is disrupting traditional utility models in the process.


Quality is embedded within EDT Ofshores' culture

Creating the passion for quality originates with people who are aware, involved and empowered to take ownership of quality.

Our quality management systems operate at the highest standards and involve all stakeholders: EDT personnel, clients and suppliers.

Our focus is on reinforcing our culture of excellence and continuous improvement through our QUARTZ™ program with an emphasis on the following key elements:

  • Quality Leadership
  • Operations Performance
  • Business Excellence
  • Quality Alerts
  • Knowledge Management
  • Supplier / Subcontractor Management
  • We direct our efforts towards evaluating and mitigating safety, health, environmental, asset integrity and reliability risks
Covid-19 impact on Logistics

Covid-19 pandemic has created serious issues in Worldwide Logistics. We are doing our best to support our clients on time but delays are expected. Please be patient as this is a worldwide situation. We will process your order the soonest possible.

You may contact us at any time with your requests.